Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. I’m young and I’m doing well, but I feel stuck. I’m still trying to figure out this whole “money” thing, and I’m getting to the age where I don’t want to be alone anymore. Anyone else feel this way?

God wants us to trust Him. We hear it all our lives in church and from ‘those’ Christian friends. In reality, it is so hard to do. You’re literally giving up your life to a being that you’ve never seen with your own two eyes! No wonder many people think we are crazy. BUT we know God is real. We read time and time again about how He provided for His people repeatedly. He still does. When the people of Israel were delivered from Egypt, they wandered in the desert for 40 years. During that time, God feed them food from above every day. All 40 years He took care of them and provided for them. He even guided them at night with a pillar of fire. I think it is so easy to forget that the God of Jacob and Moses, of Abraham and Joshua, the God of Israel is the same God that rules over our lives and lives within us.

When I think about how God ALWAYS provided, I don’t feel so overwhelmed. As a human, I want to have control over everything. I want to worry and fret about my troubles. I want to celebrate and rejoice over my wins. I forget that God loves me so much that He came down from heaven just to die for me. He took on the weight of this world and all of its sin and shame. He took on its regret, fearfulness, and its debt. He took on death so I wouldn’t have to. He took on the worse part so I could live. And, He conquered it. When I think about that, I wonder how I could be so stupid as to become overwhelmed when I serve a God who loves me enough to take on all of my burdens. He can handle everything my life throws at me, and He wants to. While I will fall under the weight of the stress, God will flourish and make a beautiful thing out of sadness.

I will never completely stop becoming overwhelmed because I am still human. What I must learn is to let go of those struggles faster and learn to listen to God more. He calls and He beacons me to come to Him so he can relieve me. So, I will stop and bask in His love. I will take a deep breath and listen. I will watch for opportunities He will open for me to grow in Him and in my life. I will apply for new opportunities and try to listen and obey. He will never leave me, and when I think about that, I stop feeling overwhelmed, and start feeling loved.

“…and when my heart and strength have failed me, my God, You won’t. Your name is mighty. I will trust in You alone.”


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